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I have this game downloaded, probably from the ludum dare website, and like it; but the Itch download seems to be having issues for me. It says:

Unable to parse Build/WebGL.framework.js.gz! This can happen if build compression was enabled but web server hosting the content was misconfigured to not serve the file with HTTP Response Header "Content-Encoding: gzip" present. Check browser Console and Devtools Network tab to debug.

Sorry if this is a simple bug and I'm being a fool.

Hi! Thank you for trying our game!

There are two builds available, the windows build that you download and the webgl one that runs when you click on Run Game and plays directly in the browser. 

From the error message it sounds like the issue is with the second one. I can't recreate it, which browser are you using?

If you say download, do you mean this file?

I'm using the itch launcher, maybe that's the issue. I used the download button you took a picture of, but I'm not sure if it downloaded the files properly. Thanks for taking the time to respond. 

Lovely! The art is nice and it has a very relexing vibe to it! thanks for making and sharing

Thank you for playing! ๐Ÿ˜

Nice game, really nice music and visuals, and the mechanic is satisfying. I got a score of 176 :)

Thank you for playing! I am glad you enjoyed it and that is a pretty decent score!


Seems to me like this could maybe work as an android game?

(perhaps first tap where you want the left side, then tap where you want the right side + button to undo last piece if you missed your tap?)


Yeah I have thought about it. I think I would need to try a couple of variations to see what feels good


I may have found a massive exploit. If you place a flowerbed, then click again on a card before it disappears and gets replaced by a new card,  you can play the same card twice in a row. I was able to use this to get a score of 382

Awesome find, thanks! 

Will fix that ASAP! 

Fixed! Thanks for the help! 

Is it OK if I delete your top score to be fair to us mere mortals?  ;-)

Absolutely okay with me! My high score without the exploit is the same as the one I posted below (243)

Would need at least 1 or 2 text box to explain what's the goal of the game, first I got stuck, started over, thinking I needed to explore the whole territory, but it wasnt it and then I won fsr. Still cool concept, relaxing and chill, makes me think of the game Islanders.


I might be wrong, but I believe that the Itch page for this game doesn't have the Ludum Dare 48 tag. I see that it has the general Ludum Dare tag, but the 48 tag adds a "View Submission" link at the top which links to the Ludum Dare website listing, which is kind of helpful. It might also help with discoverability, and I saw the LD Twitter recommend adding the tag because they search it for games to feature. It's such a nice game, I'd like to see it get as much attention as possible. 

Thanks! I added it now!


This game is so beautiful, from presentation and music to simple and elegant mechanic. I played it few times, and really enjoyed it. Thank You for making this :)


Relaxing game and music. I really loved the water effects and lighting. I could not beat it but it was fun to play anyways :)


Cool game. I achieved a highscore of 208 after my fourth try. Reminds me of King/Queen Domino


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By what to do?

idk what to do and how things line up

You have to match colours or connect the flowers to the windmill. Longer chains score you more points. You can rotate with mouse wheel or right click


k thanks :) i see now thanks for your help


A very clever little game! My high score so far is 243. I've loved learning all the little tricks, like how to place the flowers to ensure you don't leave an unfillable single space.

Wow, that's an impressive score! Thanks for playing.